Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KFC flyer typo error ~ What a missing 'D' can do!

Malaysian companies are quite notorious for being cheapskates! Cheapskates in the sense that they do not engage the services of a competent Editor or Proofreader before they publish any ads online or distribute printed material to the general public who are their consumers or customers.

Recently, I received the following promotional leaflet or flyer from KFC in our letterbox. At first glance, I noticed the glaring typo error on their flyer. It read 'DEAR VALUE CUSTOMER'.

To the uninformed person, it would have escaped their attention but not to me. I grimaced upon reading the sentence. 'DEAR VALUE CUSTOMER'.

Hello KFC MALAYSIA! Why did your Advertising & Marketing staff NOT CHECK the advertising draft copy first for any spelling errors before sending it to the publishers or printing company?

I mean, hello.. you are representing a world famous American fast-food giant of a company! KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN USA!

Don't tell us that you can't afford to engage the services of an Editor or a Proofreader such as me! :D

Just add a 'D' to the word VALUE to add sense to your sentence. It should read 'DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER' for God's sake!

What 'VALUE' are you referring to here in your flyer?

Next time you plan to distribute any promotional flyers or advertising material, feel free to engage my services.

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