Monday, April 13, 2015

Singapore's Supreme 'Leeder'? Singlish gone bad! :P

I came across this post in a Singapore Community website named A.S.S. @ All Singapore Stuff where obviously the author didn't do a spell check first before publishing this article.

The author had typed 'LEEDER' instead of 'LEADER'.

Proof reading is very important. Especially when we are publishing a serious article about a prominent personality such as the late Lee Kuan Yew, the Founding Father of the Republic of Singapore.

At first I thought that maybe the author had committed a 'typo error' but then when I read further, it was obvious that the author did repeat the same mistake throughout the article.

To some, it might not be a big deal but for a proofreader ; translator ; editor and scriptwriter like me, it is a gross mistake and should not be overlooked.

Such is the impact that a misspelled word can have. I did a word search on 'Leeder' and it turned out to be a Western name. Nothing else.

Rule # 1 for authors and publishers is to always proofread and carry out a spell check before we click the 'Publish' button. 

Maybe the author has yet to realize his or her mistake but I hope anyone reading this who knows him or her alerts the said author about this unintended spelling error.
Words can sound similar but in actuality they might quite differ in the meaning that the speaker had in his or her mind. So it's important to really understand what is being said before jumping to any erroneous conclusions as is being depicted in the cartoon above.

Despite this slight error, the said website contains interesting content concerning the lives of Singaporeans and is worth your visit to learn more about our neighbors south of the Malay Peninsular. 

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