Saturday, June 21, 2014

News Editing Blooper ~ How Proof Reading is so important?

You may click on to the image of the news report here and read it clearer in either a new tab or window.

A simple oversight on the part of the News Editor of the Malay Mail reporting about this business news.

What does the headline state?

'Bina Puri to land RM300b job in Brunei'.

Now, when we read further we discover that the deal was only RM300 million!

There's a whole lot of difference between RM300 billion and RM300 million!

All because the News Editor overlooked that 'b' and gave the go ahead for the printing department to run the machines.

The need for proofreaders such as myself is being overlooked by the mainstream media.

People do not realize the disastrous impact of such oversights in their documentations.

Do not fear READ N WRITE.NET services.

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