Friday, November 19, 2021

How to engage READNWRITE.NET Writing Services?

Need to engage me to translate, edit or proofread your thesis, article or manuscript? No worries. Just follow these simple procedures.

1) Email me your materials.
2) Once you have done so, either WhatsApp or call me at +60163969881.
3) Tell me what you want me to do.
4) Tell me your time allocated for me to deliver the completed task.
5) Discuss with me your budget.
6) If we reach an agreement, bank in my fees.
7) Be ready to go through with me, the completed assignment through WhatsApp or voice call.

Conclude the deal by your acceptance of the work satisfactorily.

That's how I do my business.

Here are a few screenshots of WhatsApp messages of my satisfied clients. They are all teachers.

Engaging my writing services requires some common sense on the part of the clients. If I do not know what it is exactly, that you have for me to translate, edit or proofread, how would I be able to give you a quotation of my fees?

All it takes is a bit of rational discussion between us beforehand. It's a willing customer and a willing service provider situation.

If we can come to a mutual agreement between us, you and I can do business.

Satisfaction guaranteed provided you fulfill all those points which I have stated upfront.

Insya Allah.