Thursday, April 26, 2018

A Creative Writer's Preferred Circle ~ To Stay Far, Far Away from the Madding Crowd.

It's important for a true writer to be in a conducive environment. Far from the madding crowd or noise pollution.

It's also important that a writer is spared from the constant nagging or needless banter from anyone. Be it an irritating spouse or troublesome family member or neighbor.

Peace of mind. Clarity of thoughts. Rational outlook on life and all of it's constant dramas and challenges.

I'm glad to have an understanding and knowledgeable educated spouse finally. A writer needs to be left to his or her own devices. Only then will their creative juices flow.

We can't be exposed to the trivial daily ups and downs of life or get distracted from our train of thought. In a way being a recluse often helps writers to get their thoughts, ideas or fantasies on paper.

Writers of today ought to refrain from getting too involved in the unnecessary squabbles that are prevalent in the social media. Nothing good comes of it. Adds to the angst and heartaches that would poison or cloud the judgment of potential Creative Writers.

As I age, I have wised up to the fact that I do not need the hassle of having to deal with spineless anonymous beings who do not have the integrity to disclose who their sorry self's really are online and pass comments or critique on others without having an iota of self-respect or dignity to qualify themselves in engaging with others on matters that are of importance or relevant to our lives here in this current world.

So, it is imperative that I choose very carefully as with whom I engage with. It's much more better for my health and peace of mind. I'd advise those of you who are similarly inclined to do the same.

Be well. 

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