Thursday, March 2, 2017

Typo Trouble ~ What a missing alphabet can do? Lots of damage!

The internet was abuzz about the typographical error in the current US President Donald J.Trump's official portrait published.

Seems that for a land where English is the main and national language, there still exists a situation like this where proofreaders seem not to have been engaged to ensure that there is no screw up like this!

Don't tell me that the world's 'richest nation or so they say can't afford to pay for a proof reader's service?

Jokes aside on my personal account, I recently had a client send me his assignment to translate his manual on SOP for his customer. I came across a word which was supposed to read 'count' but with a missing 'o'! 

Imagine the brouhaha it would have caused his client if they were going through each word during his initial presentation of the prepared draft of the SOP for a manufacturing factory! :P

Then there was a word which was supposed to be 'assessment' but with the missing 'ment'! Surely made my day laughing out loud as I went through his documents :D

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