Saturday, January 21, 2017

Subtitles Screwups! Cheapskate TV Stations.

Have you ever laughed out loud upon reading the ridiculous and sometimes outrageous subtitles that are shown on our various television channels?

The culprits are often the incompetent media content companies engaged by the cheapskate television stations here in Malaysia. I wonder who are the fellows responsible for engaging these incompetent subtitlers in the first place?

Surely not those who are well versed in English and Bahasa Melayu. Hence you get subtitles like the following:

Hahahahahaha! Saya Peter Tempat Letak Kereta! Hehehehehe! Hihihihihi, my funny bones are going click clickety clack! Spiderman would be so furious being identified as a car parking lot! :P

The following subtitling screwup is so outrageous and explicit!

" kau kena racun bunga Chi***? Hahahahahaha! Honest! I do not know of any such flower being so named! Any of you who knows this particular flower, please be so kind as to update me about it! :D

Another spectacular subtitling boo boo follows below:

My name is Noah is spelled 'No Ah'and the spectacular subtitle translation in Malay comes forth as ' Nama saya Tidak Ah!' Hehehehehehe... so funny!