Monday, August 15, 2016

Proofreading ~ It's a do or die choice!

Proofreading is so vital in our every official and social interactions that if we fail to proofread whatever we author or post to the public realm or in our business and personal dealings with others, it can cause us untold losses, ruin or other calamities!

To a student who wants to get a perfect score or be in the top list of those who excelled in their exams, proofreading is a must. Failure to proofread opens the door to failing and losing the opportunity to be accorded the appropriate marks in any tests or examinations that he or she partakes in their academic pursuit.

For a doctor who fails to proofread whatever prescriptions that he or she decides to prescribe in the treatment process of a patient might just endanger their patient's life and could expedite their demise!

For a business company to not engage the services of a competent and dependable proofreader to vet their sales and marketing materials before distributing to the general public or advertise their products through the media channels, it can hasten their demise from the business world.

Hehehehehe..without a Comma, it could be the end of Grandma!
Many a times have I come across spelling mistakes in products or services that immediately destroys any sense of worthiness from a brand or line of product. 

I came across a photo showing just how bad a misspelling can be for a world famous fast food restaurant. Check it out:

That's a real business killer! Proofread before you suffer! McDonalds must be hiring some real jackasses to come out with these kind of embarrassing signage editors!

Here's another spoiler:

Even academic departments are not free from such blatant spelling screw-ups!

It's so embarrassing what a missing letter 'l' can lead to!

Or in the case below, a missing 'g' ! :P

From the intended word ' ANGUS' ; they spelled it as 'ANUS'! Hohohohoho... :D

It could be due to pure oversight or plain recklessness. The signage contractors should really employ or engage a proofreader to make sure that whatever message that they put across really delivers the real intended message to the viewing public!

You really ought to stay clear of the following area lest you wish to be prostituted! Hehehehehe..

I can keep going on sharing so many examples with you but I'll stop right here for I am pretty sure that you've got my message!

Double check and proofread before you click 'send'. 

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